Standard Electric Water Heaters

Whirlpool® residential electric water heaters are built to provide hot water for many years of trouble-free service, with a wealth of standard features to ensure optimal effi ciency and safe operation.

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Features and Benefits

Whirlpool E50R9-55 9 year Standard Electric Water Heater

Convenient operation: combination thermostat with high limit control allows adjustment of water temperature and automatic operation, while providing overheat protection for your family's safety.

Dual Heating Elements: 4500W, 240VAC copper elements provide quick recovery and high efficiency. Premium 9-year models have a long-lasting stainless steel lower element to further enhance efficiency.

Efficiency: the tank is surrounded by a thick coat of environmentally friendly non-CFC polyurethane foam to trap heat inside the tank, saving energy. A PEX polymer dip tube carries cold inlet water deep into the tank to minimize temperature dilution of hot water.

Self-Cleaning Dip Tube: 9-year warranted models include a self-cleaning dip tube to help avoid sediment in the tank, ensuring long tank life and optimal efficiency.

Ease of installation: top-mounted, built-in electric junction box ready for 1/2" or 3/4" conduit ensures convenient installation.

Durability: tanks are ceramic lined and have a top-mounted heavy-duty anode rod to fight the corrosive effects of hot water, for long tank life.

Certification: meets UL 174 code requirements, as well as efficiency standards found in the latest edition of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act and U.S. Department of Energy thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements.