Whirlpool® is proud to offer a complete line of water heaters enabled by 6th Sense™ Technology.

6th Sense™ Technology is a combination of advanced engineering and innovative energy-control systems providing intelligent delivery of hot water.

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6th Sense™

Whirlpool -Standard -Gas -Water -Heater

Gas Water Heaters

The enhanced design provides the latest technological advancements in gas water heating. All Whirlpool® standard gas water heaters enabled by 6th Sense™ technology use a premium Honeywell gas valve, with tighter temperature control and advanced diagnostics.

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Whirlpool -Energy -Efficient -Gas -Water -Heater -ND50T122-403

Energy Efficient Gas Water Heaters

Uniquely designed to capture otherwise wasted hot combustion gases during periods optimizing heat extraction and efficiency.

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Whirlpool -High -Efficiency -Gas -Water -Heater

High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters

The high efficiency gas water heater from the Whirlpool® Brand is the most efficient and advanced conventional vent product on the market.

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