Frequently Asked Questions

Removal and replacement of the gas control valve / thermostat involves the disconnection of gas piping, manifold tube, pilot tube, and thermocouple. It is recommended that this procedure be performed by a qualified service technician.

Gas Water Heaters

Problem Possible Cause(s) Corrective Action
Insufficient hot water?
  • Low gas pressure
  • Thermostat set too low
  • Sediment or lime in tank
  • Water heater too small
  • Check with gas utility company
  • Turn temperature dial to higher setting
  • Drain/flush-provide water treatment if needed
  • See  Sizing Guides.
Slow hot water recovery?
  • Thermostat set too low
  • Heater too small
Drip from relief valve?
  • Excessive water pressure
  • Heater stacking (frequent and increased tap temperature after several short draws from the hot water tap)
  • Use a temperature pressure reducing valve and relief valve
  • Lower the thermostat setting
Smelly water?
  • Sulfides in the water
  • Replace the aluminum anode with a KA90 anode



Temperature setting too low Increase the temperature setting. See owner's manual.

Thermostat fails to shut off?


Improper calibration Contact technician to replace thermostat
Pilot will not light or remain lit?
  • Low gas pressure
  • Air in gas line
  • No gas
  • Dirt in gas lines
  • Pilot line or orifice clogged
  • Thermocouple connection loose
  • Thermocouple
  • Thermostat ECO switch open
  • Check with gas utility company
  • Bleed the air from the gas line
  • Check with gas utility company
  • Notify utility; install dirt trap in gas line
  • Clean, locate source and correct
  • Finger tighten, then 1/4 turn with wrench
  • Contact technician to replace thermocouple
  • Contact technician to replace thermostat