Replacing and Installing an Energy Smart® Electric Water Heater

Installation Videos and Guides for Whirlpool Energy Smart® Electric Water Heaters

Energy Smart® Water Heaters use an electronic control system which has self-diagnostics and four operating modes including an energy saving mode. The Energy Smart® Mode setting provides for the best energy efficiency.

When installing an Energy Smart® Water Heater, the Control Board must be kept dry. Cover the control board with plastic wrap while you are making plumbing connections and filling the tank. After the plumbing connections are complete, but before connecting electric power, open a hot water faucet (all the way) until the "hot" water runs FULL STREAM for three minutes. When first opened, you may only get air out of the faucet, then spurts of water. Wait until the water runs full and let the water run full for three minutes. Once you're sure there are no plumbing leaks, remove the plastic wrap and finish the installation.

If you are replacing the water heater yourself, get an Installation Kit which contains most everything you'll need to install the water heater. Most replacements require the use of common plumbing tools, pipe joint compound or Teflon® tape approved for potable water. If your house has copper pipes, consider flexible connectors and compression fittings. For non-professionals, compression fittings are easier to use than soldering copper pipe. If you do plan to solder copper pipe, be aware that the water heater connections may contain non-metallic parts which can melt. Don't solder copper pipes directly attached to the water heater. Instead, solder about a foot of pipe to an adapter and attach the adapter to the inlet and outlet connections. Then, make your final solder connection about a foot away from the inlet and outlet fittings, using a wet rag to cool the fittings.

You will also need a circuit tester or volt meter to check for electric power.

The Installation Instructions have a comprehensive Check List. Make sure you have successfully completed each step before turning electric power on.