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Whether it's relaxing bubble baths, extra loads of laundry or the daily requirements of a growing family, Whirlpool® Gas and Electric Water Heaters deliver comfort and convenience every time you turn on the faucet.

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Electric Products


Whirlpool offers a complete line of electric water heaters, from the exciting energy-efficient electric heat pump units and the advanced Energy Smart® models to standard models that deliver years of dependable performance.

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Whirlpool -Natural -Gas -Water -Heater

Natural Gas

Whirlpool offers a large selection of FLAME LOCK® gas water heater models from our innovative high efficiency designs to our standard energy-efficient units for natural gas. Models are available in 6, 9, and 12-year warranties and a variety of gallon capacities.

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Whirlpool -Liguid -Propane -Water -Heater

Liquid Propane

Whirlpool offers a selection of FLAME LOCK® Liquid Propane Gas water heaters. Models are available with a 6-year warranty and a variety of gallon capacities.

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