80 Gallon Tall Electric Water Heater - 6 Year Warranty

80 Gallon Tall Electric Water Heater - 6 Year Warranty

Model: E2F80HD045V    Lowe's Item* #: 140422


  • Dual 4500-watt copper heating elements
  • 2" of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam insulation reduces heat loss for maximum efficiency, saves money
  • Ceramic tank lining and aluminum anode rod protect tank from corrosion, for long tank life
  • Factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve ensures safe operation
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Product Dimensions
Weight:191 lbs.
Configuration and Overview
Capacity:80 Gallons
Family Size:5+
Energy Star Certified:No
Energy Factor:0.87
Annual Cost of Operations:$606
LCD Display:No
Self Cleaning:No
Warranty Tank:6 Years
Warranty Parts:6 Years
Warranty Labor:1 Year
Max Wattage:4500
Emissions Standards:No Emissions
Foam Insulation:2 inches
Water Connection Location:Top
Water Connection Size:3/4 inch
T&P Relief Valve:Yes
80 Gallon Electric Water Heater - E2F80HD045V 4.5 5 59 59
Great features for the price The product was the right height for our installation. It also had the features we were looking. The price was right. It was easy to install. It has only been in for a day so I do not know if it will be energy efficient. November 23, 2014
Its working great. When my old water heater broke, I did research found out I needed a 80 gallon water heater for a family of 6. I have a whirlpool dish washer so I decided to get a whirlpool water heater since I like my dishwasher. I have only used the water heater for ten days but so far I have no complaints and I have hot water. October 4, 2014
This product has great quality, it didnt take long for the water to become hot after hook up. The product came in very handy in our time of need. We also got the product at a reasonable price. Due to our family size we needed a product of this capacity. September 13, 2014
Product is good BUT I bought one like this six years ago and installed it during a remodel. It worked very well until 08/28/14 when the lower element shorted out or something and burned up the plastic where the wires attach on the lower element. Thankfully the circuit breakers kicked and prevented any further damage. August 29, 2014
Review This product is replacing an identical model which lasted 12 1/2 years. Replaced three elements in the previous unit probably due to hard water. Also seems better insulated than previous model with foam instead of fiberglass. August 8, 2014
Is effiecent and high quality The plumber did an excellent job installing the water heater, and it fit perfect into the desired placement. August 3, 2014
Product works well We bought this hot water tank to replace one just like it that was 8 1/2 years old that started leaking. The installation was easy since the plumbing was the same. The first one worked well and we had plenty of hot water for multiple showers. Wished it would have lasted longer and I would have noticed the leak sooner! Did install a drain pan under the new one this time though. August 3, 2014
Appesars to be Okay, for now! Installation was a breeze, once I reconstructed the space into which it was to be placed. It replaced a 40 gallon heater because of a walk in tub I installed earlier. It was the only make 80 gallon water heater I could find on the market that had "No more" than 24 inches in diameter. Electrical was the same as the older one. Plumbing needed to be revamped, but was relatively simple. Overall, I am well pleased with the simplicity by which the job was accomplished. No problems at all. The instruction booklet was clear and simple to understand. I only required help after purchase when lowering the heater from the truck bed to the ground. I'm 85! July 10, 2014
Good for the price but a few cheap features. Immediately replaced Pop off valve before installing - not to much quality there. Plastic drain valve - not to much quality. June 24, 2014
The product has great features and easy to install Whirlpool product are very reliable and I know that the company will stand behind their products.The water heater ;installation instructions and use & care guide is very detailed and a great help. The appearance of the product is very good. June 22, 2014

Owners Manual
Comprehensive information about your new appliance - from getting started to cleaning and maintenance - with answers to frequently asked questions.

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Troubleshooting & Repair

IMPORTANT - Read and follow the printed Installation Instructions that came with your water heater. The printed Instructions and product labels contain model-specific information, important warnings and safety notices. If you lack the necessary skills to install, troubleshoot or repair the water heater, get help from a qualified person.

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