40 Gallon Tall Energy Efficient Natural Gas Water Heater - 6 Year Warranty

40 Gallon Tall Energy Efficient Natural Gas Water Heater - 6 Year Warranty

Model: ND40T62-403    Lowe's Item* #: 333594


  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified - achieves a .67 Energy Factor (EF), using the automatic flue damper system to assure peak performance
  • Self-Diagnostic Electronic Gas Control incorporates an LED status indicator that monitors and reports on system operational status
  • Electronic Ignition employs an automatic pilot re-light system that shuts off the pilot during stand-by mode to reduce gas consumption and save money
  • Patented Green Choice Eco-Friendly Low NOx Gas Burner reduces emissions by up to 33%
  • Requires standard 120 V electric supply (10' power cord included)

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Product Dimensions
Height w/Draft Hood:64.50"
Weight:132 lbs.
Vent Type:Type B Double Wall
Vent Diameter:3"
Configuration and Overview
Capacity:40 Gallons
Family Size:4
Energy Star Certified:Yes
Energy Factor:0.67
Annual Cost of Operations:$244
LCD Display:No
Self Cleaning:No
Warranty Tank:6 Years
Warranty Parts:6 Years
Warranty Labor:1 Year
BTU Input:40,000 BTUs
Emissions Standards:Low NOx
Ignition Type:Spark to Pilot Ignition
Foam Insulation:2 inches
Water Connection Location:Top
Water Connection Size:3/4 inch
T&P Relief Valve:Yes
Energy & Eco-Friendly
Energy Factor:0.67
40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater - ND40T62-403 4.4 5 28 28
Great product This is the second Whirlpool hot water heater that I have purchased to be used in a rental property and my primary residence. I purchased Whirlpool because I had only one part to replace in ten years time in the rental property and that was free from Whirlpool. January 6, 2015
Great Price and Product This product is priced amazing when you look at the energy usuage guide and how it exceeds. Easy to install and thanks a million for the power cord. January 2, 2015
Very easy installation I have installed a few water heaters in the past but this unit is virtually a "plug-n-play"model. Very easily installed. Purchase a water heater installation kit, comes with water supply bendable tubing, compression fittings, de-ionization pipes, Teflon tape. Instructions are easily understandable. don't know about energy bill lowering yet, therms/year rating is lower than the one I replaced by 40 therms. December 14, 2014
LOTS OF FEATURES Effort needed to save energy/money minimal. I haven't proved savings on the electric bill. Likely won't be able to isolate the savings effect since A/C load is much less. It seemed like it the electric pilot and exhaust damper additional costs would pay for themselves in 4 or 5 years. October 6, 2014
Nice Feature Set Energy Star rated, self-lighting pilot and flame lock system were all plusses. The tank originally installed by builder was short, but lacked safety features and required elevation to 18" above floor. Includes neat mesh (plastic) skirt/screen that can be installed around base of tank. Tank would look better if some of the wiring were concealed, but since this is installed in our garage, that's not that big of a deal. September 13, 2014
Good product 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater - ND40T62-403 Installation was basic, controls worked well. been in use for 1 month. Since it was taller I had to rework the vent and move the location some. Too soon to tell about operating cost. August 20, 2014
No Compaints Easy searching and learning about product online through Whirpool and Lowes. Easy purchase and pickup from Lowes. Easy install. Nothing unexpected. Water heated up within about an hour and we took two back-back much welcomed hot showers! July 22, 2014
For my second home I have used this type water heater in my Colorado home for a few years. I love that there is no standing pilot, my old water heater always blew out. As a seasoned user of this water heater, I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting trouble free hot water. As a real plus, the local power company was offering a $125.00 rebate. May 5, 2014
This product had a reasonable price for a brand name product. Has great features. Like the power damper and electronic ignition. April 27, 2014
This product had the energy efficiency and features I was looking for. I am very pleased with the performance. Initially, I wasn't sure if the 40g capacity would be enough but it has great recovery and energy efficiency. With the HE Flue Damper and electronic ignition, I no longer have to worry about the pilot light going out too. February 13, 2014

Energy Star®

Energy Star Qualified
ENERGY STAR® qualified product.

Owners Manual
Comprehensive information about your new appliance - from getting started to cleaning and maintenance - with answers to frequently asked questions.

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Troubleshooting & Repair

IMPORTANT - Read and follow the printed Installation Instructions that came with your water heater. The printed Instructions and product labels contain model-specific information, important warnings and safety notices. If you lack the necessary skills to install, troubleshoot or repair the water heater, get help from a qualified person.

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