50 Gallon Tall Natural Gas Water Heater - 12 Year Warranty

50 Gallon Tall Natural Gas Water Heater - 12 Year Warranty

Model: NU50T122-403    Lowe's Item* #: 333577


  • FLAME LOCK® Safety System Reduces the Risk of Accidental Fires Involving Flammable Vapors
  • Electronic Gas Valve has fewer moving parts than a conventional mechanical gas valve, for durability and long life-no external power source needed
  • Self-Diagnostic Electronic Gas Control incorporates an LED status indicator that monitors and reports on system operational status
  • Piezo Electric Igniter makes lighting the pilot fast and easy
  • Environmentally friendly polyurethane foam insulation reduces heat loss for maximum efficiency, saves money
  • Ceramic tank lining and aluminum anode rod protects tank from corrosion, for long tank life
  • Factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve ensures safe operation
  • Ultra Low NOx

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Product Dimensions
Height w/Draft Hood:61.00"
Weight:160 lbs.
Vent Type:Type B Double Wall
Vent Diameter:3"
Configuration and Overview
Capacity:50 Gallons
Family Size:5+
Energy Star Certified:No
Energy Factor:0.62
Annual Cost of Operations:$263
LCD Display:No
Self Cleaning:Yes
Warranty Tank:12 Years
Warranty Parts:12 Years
Warranty Labor:1 Year
BTU Input:40,000 BTUs
Emissions Standards:Ultra Low NOx
Ignition Type:Pilot with Piezo Igniter
Foam Insulation:2 inches
Water Connection Location:Top
Water Connection Size:3/4 inch
T&P Relief Valve:Yes
Energy & Eco-Friendly
Energy Factor:0.62
Ultra Low NOx:Meets SCAQMD Rule 1121
50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater - NU50T122-403 4.6 5 78 78
This product installed very easily installed very easily. heavy, need a couple of strong people to lift to stand. Lit right up and heated up water within 30 minutes. hot water for days... March 10, 2015
Very pleased with this product Installation and start up went very well. Good instructions. This unit replaces a poorly operating tankless water heater. Decided to go back to conventional water heater because any gas savings with a tankless water heater are offset by increase in water usage due to extra time lag for hot water at faucets. Wasting water in California plus high water cost made the decision to get rid of the Tankless system easy. It is interesting that one of the most mentioned positive attributes of tankless heater users is "take a shower for a long as you want". And this is true......but this practice wastes water! Perhaps running out of hot water from a conventional water heater is a good reminder that you have spend enough time in the shower. February 1, 2015
easy use of my local hardware store had it in stock. it was easy to install and east to turn on. nice color too. January 17, 2015
This product has great features very easy to install, the unit is attractive and quiet January 4, 2015
Easy to install. Easy to install by my husband(engineer) Need two strong persons to lift and place on stand though. works fine so far, no problems. January 3, 2015
Really hot water I love this product because it did not take long to heat the water and the water lasted warm for some time December 30, 2014
seems to have good features. easy to light This product has been installed for 5 days. Install went as advertised except water dripped underneath for about 20 minutes after I turned temp setting to "hot". I immediately turned off and dripping stopped. checked all connections and could not find any leaks. l found advice on internet (not whirlpool website) that indicated new water heaters can sometimes drip water for awhile. I then turned water heater on again and let the water heater operate for 20 minutes until sizzling and dripping stopped. After 5 days all seems OK. December 20, 2014
Recommend the water heater Water heater is quiet, relatively easy to install and runs efficiently. Too new to see impact on utility bills. December 18, 2014
Performance to be determined. The installation went ok. still waiting on the savings. One item I felt was not discussed was the piezo starter. I asked the sales person if it meant that the pilot was only one when the water needed to be heated. He said yes. However the piezo starter only meant that it was a push button starter and the pilot remains on. The continued pilot means paying hundreds of dollars to PG& E on natural gas expense needlessly. A simple design to auto start the the burner is used in many other appliances with out a pilot. This engineering failure is a disappointment, expensive, and generates more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Trying to reduce my carbon foot print by making a automatic burner would save hundreds of dollars and reduce my carbon foot print. December 3, 2014
Great replacement experience Set up was simple and straight forward. Start up went without a hitch. My son had a hot shower in less than an hour. December 2, 2014

Owners Manual
Comprehensive information about your new appliance - from getting started to cleaning and maintenance - with answers to frequently asked questions.

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Troubleshooting & Repair

IMPORTANT - Read and follow the printed Installation Instructions that came with your water heater. The printed Instructions and product labels contain model-specific information, important warnings and safety notices. If you lack the necessary skills to install, troubleshoot or repair the water heater, get help from a qualified person.

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