Replacing and Installing a Standard Electric Water Heater

Replacing and Installing a Whirlpool Electric Water HeaterCommon problem with electric water heater installation is turning the power on before the tank is completely full of water. After the plumbing connections are complete, but before connecting electric power, open a hot water faucet all the way until the "hot" water runs FULL STREAM for three minutes. When first opened, you may only get air out of the faucet, then spurts of water. Wait until the water runs full and let the water run full for three minutes. If the tank is not completely full when power is turned on, the upper heating element will burn out and you'll have no hot water (until the upper element is replaced). Note - You will also need a circuit tester or volt meter to check for electric power.

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a Standard Electric Water Heater"


IMPORTANT - Read and follow the printed Installation Instructions that came with your water heater. The printed Instructions and product labels contain model-specific information, important warnings and safety notices. If you lack the necessary skills to install, troubleshoot or repair the water heater, get help from a qualified person.


Common Problems

Newly installed electric water heaters are normally trouble free. The most common problem with electric water heaters is a burned out upper heating element ("Dry Fired"). The upper element will burn out if the tank isn't completely full of water when the power is turned on. Fortunately, replacement elements are widely available and are not expensive.

The second most common problem is really a power problem (no electric power, the wrong voltage or problems with the home's wiring).

Leaks are almost always due to faulty water supply connections.